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Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver


Every dance moves to some form of music, and every movement is an expression of what the music is trying to communicate. If we see our lives as a dance, there are any number of musical compositions we could be dancing to. For most people, rhythm, melody and harmony are provided by the circumstances of their lives. There's the waltz of a romantic partnership, the jitterbug of parenthood, the tap dance of career, or maybe the freestyle of retirement. 

But what if the dance of our lives is intended to be not just any dance but a Sacred Dance -- creative expression that comes not from the drumbeat of our circumstances, or the tune played by the myriad influences in our lives, but from the holy symphony of who we at the core of our being? At Sacred Dance, we believe that is what the heart and soul of every human being is searching for. It is the music within longing to be released. 

Life is more than a matter of using your intellect, skills and gifts in a way that is profitable to you and the world. If those precious resources are not being expressed in keeping with your sacred identity, no matter how successful you are, you will always sense that something is not quite right. The coaches at Sacred Dance are skilled and experienced at helping clients discover and celebrate the sacred reality that they are, and to create lives that are in keeping with that reality. 

If your life is in a time of transition and you don't know what path to take, or if you are just feeling dissatisfied and something inside is telling you that a change is needed, the answer is most certainly within you. Let the coaches at Sacred Dance help you uncover it and move fully into a life that expresses your own, unique, sacred identity.



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