ICF Micghigan Fall Conference 2019

Transformational Coaching Through Shadow Work

Coach Bryan and Coach Cindy will be presenting a breakout session at the ICF MIchigan 2019 Fall Conference in Okemos, Michigan on October 17. Our topic will be Transformational Coaching through Shadow Work. As coaches, we have the privilege to work with clients who are creative, resourceful, and whole. However, creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness are not stagnant realities. Helping our clients move toward transformation requires development of all facets of their wholeness. An effective and life-changing way to do that is through “shadow work.” Shadow does NOT refer to qualities about ourselves that we don’t like and would like to keep hidden, but rather what we don’t know about ourselves and, if accused of it, would adamantly and sincerely deny. In this session we’ll be exploring what shadow is, how it is formed, how to uncover its presence in coaching sessions, and how to help clients welcome and integrate these long-lost aspects of themselves.

Through shadow work, we recover profound gifts, abilities, and resources that can help clients live with greater integrity, impact and joy.



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