frequently asked questions 

What can Sacred Dance Coaching do for me?

Most people who come to Sacred Dance Coaching find themselves facing a significant transition in their lives.
  • Empty nest?

  • Change of career?

  • Facing retirement?

  • Job loss?

  • Divorce or separation?

  • Health crisis?

  • Longing for change?

  • Loneliness or lack of fulfillment?

  • Exhausted?

  • Financial stress?


To an observer, it might seem like things are going well. But inwardly, the client feels a disconnect between how their lives are unfolding and their deepest sense of who they are and what they are meant to offer the world. Or maybe they can’t quite put their finger on what the disconnect is. These are deep questions, and Sacred Dance coaches operate on the principle that the answers lie within the client themselves. We see our clients as creative, resourceful and whole, and our job is not to provide the answers, but guide the client to discover the answers that are already there. We help them dive deep to find their innermost values and help them design and implement an outer life of doing that is in harmony with their inner life of being.

Why nature based?

At Sacred Dance we believe that the dance includes not just the dance between our inner and outer lives, but also between who we are and the whole of nature. As human creatures, we aren’t separated from the rest of nature, but are an integral part of it. Earlier cultures had an instinctual understanding of that. But over the centuries, we have lost that sense of connectedness as well as the wholeness and wisdom nature holds for us. Essentially, we are wild creatures that have become over-domesticated. To help us reconnect with that wildness and recover its wisdom, Sacred Dance provides several yearly nature-based experiences that will help plug you back in to the wild nature that is your home.

What can I expect if I work with you?

At Sacred Dance we offer a coaching package that follows a path from discovery to implementation. We call it the Inward Journey (taking yourself seriously, facilitating greater wholeness, and discovering your larger story), and an Outward Journey (building your team, designing your delivery system, being you 24/7). Together we’ll design that program to suit you, your needs, and where you are on your journey. You’ll have a bi-weekly 45-minute session with your coach, either in person or the phone, and we’ll provide resources for you to work with between sessions.

That’s what we’ll provide. But the most important element is what you provide. We won’t provide the answers, but we’ll provide questions that will help you discover answers that are already woven into the core of your being. You will provide the courage to explore and the willingness to find. We provide an outline for the journey and our companionship along the way, along with observations and insights about what we hear, but the steps on the journey are yours and come from within you. The journey will be uniquely and perfectly suited for who you are and what you most deeply want. It’s all there inside you, and together our job is to is uncover and release it.

Let the dance begin.



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