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Bryan Smith is an ICF (ACC) certified coach living in Canton, Michigan. Bryan has been coaching for since 2013 and has worked with clients on making real and lasting change in their lives. Bryan particularly enjoys working with people who are facing “threshold moments” in their lives– times when something new is unfolding or times when old internal and/or external structures are no longer working in a life-giving way.  People beginning their career, moving to a new setting, or simply facing new challenges have the opportunity to explore how their career, identity, and service to the world can be deepened and integrated. Such liminal moments can feel like being caught in a giant tug of war.  On one hand, there is a yearning within for a way of living and serving that comes from a deeper, truer place. At the same time, the allure of following old ways that no longer serve us well can seem equally as strong.  


“I've discovered both in my own life and also in working with others that making real changes is not easy as it often requires greater self awareness of how ingrained habits and self-talk keep us stuck.  As a coach, I work with clients to facilitate greater facets  of wholeness so that they can find in themselves the trust, courage, and wisdom to live the life that wants to be expressed through them vocationally, relationally, and personally,” says Bryan.


Together, the Coach and Client  'Dream, Create, and Commit' to exploring possibilities and implementing practices that will enable them to more fully live and serve out whom they are created to be.  


Certified in High Performance Pattern Coaching

Coach cindy thomas

ICF Certified Coach

Cindy Thomas is a retreat leader, preacher, writer and poet, and has been an ICF certified coach since 2015. Cindy’s life focus has been in the area of spiritual formation, helping people deepen their relationship with God, each other, and creation itself as they discover and live out their sacred identity and purpose. Through her life experiences and long career as a church staff member Cindy has come to deeply appreciate the sacredness of every human being, and the struggles they face in everyday life.


“There come times in everyone’s life when they experience a nagging sense that life is meant to be more, but they don’t quite know what that more is. It may be a time of outer change: a job relocation, the “empty nest,” or the challenges that come with any of the threshold moments of life. Or it may be a time when things seem to be going well outwardly, but inside there comes a nagging awareness that life as it has been is just not working anymore. While these times may cause confusion and anxiety, they great gifts, ripe with possibility,” says Cindy.


Cindy enjoys working with people who want to explore  what their deepest inner longings are telling them about who they are and what gift they are intended to offer the world. Together Coach and Client uncover that gift, unwrap it, and explore the possibilities it offers, so that the client can experience the deep joy, freedom and fulfillment that comes with living in harmony with who they truly are.

Coach bryan smith

ICF ACC certified



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