Bryan Smith consistently helps me unlock self-imposed limitations and approach a fuller expression of my gifts.

 --Glenn S.

As my coach, Bryan patiently and methodically guided me down a path to new self-discovery. He asked probing questions that forced me to think deeply about what I wanted in the "second half of life of my life". He patiently endured my complaints about my circumstances, turning them into opportunities to look toward the future. 


His listening skills and memory are extraordinary. With each new discussion, he reminded me of things that I had said in previous discussions, weaving them into a cohesive thread that I could use to plan my future. He helped me to let go of my tight grip on the corporate soldier I had always been and reach for the entrepreneur that I could become. My belief in self, belief in my abilities, and faith in a God that will never abandon me were restored.

Life is a journey and I look forward to continuing my journey with the aid of Bryan Smith - my life coach.

--Rick R.

As a life coach, Cindy Thomas helped me to examine the different reasons I had been experiencing writer’s block. We worked on practical solutions that involved time management, access to resources, prioritization and completion of tasks as well as exploring the elements and process specific to writing.


But just as importantly, we worked through the emotional reasons I had been unable to “find my writing voice.” With Cindy’s skillful guidance, I was able to identify and integrate perspectives of mine that were at war with one another. As our sessions continued, Cindy helped me to realize that accepting and even honoring these disparate perspectives would enrich my writing and lend it authenticity.


In my opinion, Cindy Thomas is a superb life coach. She is a great listener and always responds with kindness and respect. I feel very fortunate to have received life coaching by someone with the skill, intelligence and level of commitment that Cindy provides.

 --Judy F.

I am very grateful for the coaching work that Cindy Thomas has done with me. Through her dedicated active listening, curious questioning, and insightful viewpoint I was able to see things in a whole new perspective. Her encouragement helped me to set goals for myself that produced positive results in my life both professionally and personally.  I can't thank her enough for the growth that I accomplished with her help and guidance. 

 -- Rev. O.

I am an Intentional Interim Minister and I have been working Bryan for over five years. Bryan has been a great resource. Bryan provides thoughtful theological insight along with valuable psychological support. His experience with congregational leadership has been a tremendous benefit as well. Bryan provides a compassionate witness when I am wrestling with my own internal world; but he also helps me to recognize where God is calling me next in my personal growth and also how to provide leadership for the congregations. I highly recommend Bryan Smith and Sacred Dance Coaching.

 - Don H.

 -- Lisa H.

"During my adult life, I came to many crossroads when I needed to make decisions as to what direction to take with my life.  For the most part, the decisions seemed to be pretty straight-forward. Marriage, children and upwardly mobile career were my priorities, and all of my time and energy was spent juggling and managing these three priorities.  

Then I turned 55 years old and my husband started part-time retirement; my youngest was away at college (empty nest); and the company I worked for became a casualty of the "Great Recession."  It was time to make decisions again about the direction I wanted my life to take, but this time, instead of the straight-forward decisions I had relied on for so long, I was in turmoil.

As my coach, Bryan helped me understand why I was in turmoil; identify what I was really yearning for at this time in my life; and develop concrete plans and strategies for beginning to do what God was calling me to do.  The sessions included some simple assignments that forced me to look at my life and my desires in a new light.  It was a completely non-threatening and low-key approach to exploring and mapping out options for this next part of my life.

I believe God put turmoil in my life to get me to think more deeply about the direction I was headed.  What were my priorities at this stage of life?  Why had I become dissatisfied with continuing on the same road I had traveled for the last 35 years?  I would highly recommend the coaching offered by Pastor Smith as a way to work through any situations in which you feel God is asking you to consider taking a different direction with your life.  It can be a life changing experience!"



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