Transitioning into Fall

Here we are, already in the waning days of summer. Two weeks ago, I would have said, “I’m not ready! Summer is too short!” But a recent taste of cooler days with the AC off and windows wide open, sleeping to the luscious night-sounds of late summer, a cup of warm tea and a good book in an evening that is dark by bedtime, has changed my mind.

Bring on the fall! Bring on colors that delight the eyes, loamy smells that wrap you a warm embrace, evenings that start before 10 PM, sweaters, sweat-shirts, comfy pants and cozy blankets, fall harvests of apples, pears, pumpkins, squash and sweet corn. I’m ready!

It’s interesting how the change of seasons creeps up on us unbidden, and then delights us with its glorious gifts. And by the time for the change rolls around, I, for one, am always ready for the next season to begin. At the end of August, I’m ready for fall. By the time December rolls around, bring on snowstorms, hot chocolate and some serious cocooning. Then in March, I can't wait for green grass, budding trees and crocuses. And so it goes. Nature delights us with its ever-changing character.

I’ve found the seasons of life to be the same. As a young mom, I loved the infant stage so much I never wanted it to end. Then I was introduced to the delights of toddlerhood. Each stage in my boys' growing up, and each stage in my motherhood was lamented as it came to an end, but the next was always surprisingly wonderful once it arrived.

Transitions can be fraught with anxiety but also great anticipation. As we learn we have to let go of what we have treasured about the closing stage, we have not yet experienced the wonder of the next. And each transition brings its own difficulties, obstacles and trials. Our response can be to try to do whatever we can to preserve what we have had, to stave off the oncoming changes. But when we do that, we rob ourselves of the joy and the gifts of the new thing that is being birthed.

Most of us need help at these transition times – someone who can help us discover hidden strengths and unrecognized abilities and unique experiences that are custom made for the next phase of our lives. We need someone who can help us connect the dots from where we’ve been to where our path is leading.

That’s what we do at Sacred Dance, and we’re here to partner with you through the seasons of your life, to help you become the best you can be, and delight in every step of the way.

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